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Yume DX

Product code: WAS-BEL-00001
Brand: Takara Belmont
Condition: New
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Yume DX and Yume are unrivalled, versatile and multi-purpose pieces of salon furniture sparing no comfort for everyone in the vicinity great to look at and perfect for shampoo or longer sessions requiring supreme comfort.Yume is designed to enable a superior shampoo service and a range of treatment processes. Valued by both the comfortable client and the Technician who enjoys the option of rear- and side-shampoo, either standing or seated.

Yume represents extraordinary comfort in every intentional detail: the DX version offers chair rotation allowing unobstructed rear access to the chair when the basin is not in use. Beyond the perfect shampoo and head massage, an array of services can be performed at the Yume. Extended sessions in sheer comfort are the forture of Yume: the generous comfort-qualities of the neckrest and the ergonomic cushioning of the seat make it so.

The motorised chair moves smoothly and shock-absorbers soften vertical adjustments, the basin and chair unite perfectly and the fine comfort details are pricelessly reassuring. A Head Spa using Spa Mist II or Micro Mist is the best use of this equipment, but the possibilities extend naturally to facials and hand treatments, even during the Head Spa. Yume makes a pleasure of these vital client services and hails the joy of new salon revenues.

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