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Spa Mist II

Product code: PRO-BEL-00012
Brand: Takara Belmont
Condition: New
From Only: £11.87 

Very compact, mobile and flexible equipment, Spa Mist II can perform multiple hair and scalp treatments at the styling station or washpoint, including colour or perm treatments. It is reassuringly user-friendly and needs only purified water to generate all the promised goodness and relaxation.

If the client is (truly) comfortable at the Backwash, a single Technician can shampoo, condition, massage and give a Head Spa treatment – all without interruption or changing stations. Its versatility relieves the problem of allocating much-needed stations to clients having treatments – Spa Mist II will perform for a seated or reclined client.
Takara’s own full Head Spa procedure lasts up to 45 minutes at the Backwash, alternatively, conditioning treatments can be as short as 5 minutes.

Additionally, there is the possibility of offering of a hand spa or aromatherapy using the Hand Capo and Aroma Diffuser accessories.

DESIGNED FOR Salons, Hotels, VIP rooms and Beauty Spas.

  • 6 programmable presets and manual
  • control
  • adjustable temperature control
  • digital display with treatment time and useful audio-visual feedback
  • low mist temperature of 40-50ºC (105-125ºF) integrated cooling system
  • integrated water tank for up to 10 treatments
  • drain-tank
  • flexible, extendable hose
  • smooth-running wheel-base
  • detachable power cord
  • Easily moved between clients and styling stations for treatments.

Height: 750 (unit) - (1200 hose extended) 
Width: 330 (base)
Depth: 375
Weight: 15.2kg

Availability (7 - 10 days) Call for Details. Other Colours available

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Spa Mist II
Spa Mist II