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Philips BR125 IR 150W E27 230-250V Red

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Philips BR125 IR 150W E27 230-250V Red - Clearance Stock

The Philips BR125 Industrial Heat IR 150w E27 230-250v Red is an infrared incandescent reflector lamp specifically designed for industrial applications due to the reinforced hard glass construction. As a result of this robust and shatter-proof design, these lamps are also safe for use in agricultural and food preparation environments.

In the hairdressing industry experts believe that using infrared light for hair growth helps stimulate blood flow and blood vessel formation in the scalp. This, in turn, leads to higher oxygen levels and nutrient levels around the hair follicles. Clinical studies have shown that this can increase hair growth significantly.

Infra Red light is a form of Electrotherapy and excellent for treating adverse hair and scalp conditions. It causes dilation of blood vessels on the scalp area being treated and this encourages cell renewal, promotes healing and stimulates hair growth.

The universal E27 screw fit base means that this lamp can be used in conjunction with a variety of light fittings.

Limited Stock

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