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Maxim Barber Chair

Finance From Only: £40.43

Takara Belmont Maxim Barber Chair

Prestige model with roll-out leg rest and high-grade footrest

Esthetic model with full-flat leg rest and upholstered footrest

Finance From Only: £40.43 

There are several discerning establishments in the world which are obliged to offer only their very best to their esteemed clients and there is one chair for that purpose.

Maxim has been designed to deliver extreme comfort and perform a distinguished array of client services with ease and panache for the clients uninterrupted pleasure.

Uncompromising in every function and detail, Maxim is the ultimate offering of extravagance in any single, luxury motorised chair.

Takara Belmont Colour Guide 2021

Colour options in SH Upholstery


  • Service table +£80 

Availability (16 - 18 weeks) All prices exclude VAT Call for Details. Other Colours available

Takara Belmont
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