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Legacy 95

Product code: BBC-BEL-00177
Brand: Takara Belmont
Condition: New
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A stunning design depicting all the romantic traditions of a classic Barbers chair with elements which date back to the 1800s. For fun, art and function, Legacy 95 is a modern dream reconceived for superior Grooming Salons or Barbershops that said, a valid candidate for any fashion-conscious salon interior concept.

Traditionally decorative with ornate chrome moldings from top to bottom, the TAKARA-branded footrest and white-chrome combination base are only the best of them.

Solid, versatile, beautiful and dressed in durable upholstery front and back, from headrest to footrest Legacy 95 is todays sharpest example of Barbershop nostalgia.

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Legacy 95
Legacy 95 Legacy 95 Legacy 95 Legacy 95
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