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Hairmaster Mobile Processor

From Only: £10.14
From Only: £10.14

Olymp Hairmaster - Infrared processor and conventional hood dryer in one.
  • LCD display. Menu-driven control panel.
  • Perm and tint diagnosis programmes.
  • Adjustable blower system, optimum distribution of heat.
  • Adjustable side arms and additional neck heater.
  • Individual control of heating elements.
  • Floor Standing - Mobile with Wheels"

Evolution of Design & Technology // Combination of infrared device and hood dryer, assists with dying, tinting, blond and colour extensions, perms, hair care and air drying, high-resolution LCD display, control dial with clicking function, quick-start function, colour and perm diagnostics program, infrared sensor for measur- ing temperature, button for customer temperature control, light ring with treatment process indicator, information signals, easy-to- replace filter, removable radiator grille.

Available as stand-mounted device, wall arm, floor and ceiling post.

Detailed Information:

The new OLYMP HairMaster combines the latest technology with a new, fascinating appearance.
The Design has been further developed in an evolutionary manner:
  • Bivalve construction with formally floating topside and compact underside
  • Aerodynamic, flowing forms
  • High-quality surfaces with attractive haptic
  • Standard colours are traffic-white and graphite-black
  • The interior for the customer as well as the upper and outer bowl are each finished in the same colour
  • Visual dynamisation of the top grid (wave form)
  • A whole range of innovations provide easy operation:
  • Large display (5.7) with better resolution
  • (QVGA 320 x 240), contrast individually adjustable
  • Quick-start function with individual settings which can be stored
  • Software already integrated into the unit, updates via SD card available
  • Intuitively operational via easy control wheel (wheel regulator with click function)
  • Programme selection and control via graphically designed user software
  • Light ring indicates treatment status, widely visible due to changing colours
  • Audible signal confirms operation stages and error signal (various sound options available), light ring and moving pictograms
  • Customer button illuminated
  • Integrated infra-red sensor instead of sensor clamp
  • for non-contact temperature divergence control
  • Optimised spacing of side arms
The new HairMaster has an even more service-friendly design:
  • grid for top and side arms removable without tools for cleaning
  • infrared tube change can be made by hairdresser
  • Uniform infrared tubes for head unit and side-arms
  • Filter flap at the underside of the unit guarantees perfect seating of filter and covers
  • Recommendation for changing filter is shown on display

The energy consumption has been reduced:
  • max. power consumption 1550 Watt (instead of 1800 W) The patent air supply, with its years of proven reliability has
  • been retained as a perfect warm air profile.
  • For mobile use the new HairMaster can be combined with the well-known mobile stand with 5 castors or the 4 castor version.
  • For stationary use, wall mounting as well as floor mounting pole or ceiling pole are still available.

Availability (4-6 weeks) Call for Details. Other Colours available

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